Le Chemin se fait en marchant

The Path is in its Walking – Le Chemin se fait en marchant

Creation 2005

Conception Claire Heggen

The path is in its walking, solo
The way, the walk
Between path and walk, a progression
An immobile gait but long enough
Allowing, one day, to look back on
The path, unwillingly emerging
Often through the darkness of a blinded present.
The journey starts making sense with time, in time
Its purpose clarified by previous stances
Small white pebbles phrasing a life marked by stops and starts
Births, deaths, creations, failures…
Thus this solo, a new step on the way
To assess one’s position and turn the look within
To visit again the innermost archaeology of one’s own creations
Picking up the reflecting traces of their existence
In the everyday life.
A few texts born from the real
Mark out and give structure to a portrayed life
They find an echo in the still living memory
Of the body and its old rejuvenated scores.
Thus this solo, a pause to get one’s breath back
And gather strength to step out, lithe and renewed
Onto the upcoming road with two rhythmical steps.

Photo credit : Christophe Loiseau

Lights Philippe Lacombe
Costums Catherine Oliveira
Soundtrack François Leymarie
Video Nils de Coster

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