Claire Heggen - Théâtre du Mouvement

Claire Heggen – Movement Theatre

*« All is in little » – Etienne Decroux

Today, after a year of structuring, the new company, Claire HEGGEN – Théâtre du mouvement, is getting organized. We put the body to work, and implement research, creative projects, a training program.

Research will continue in the form of “small labs” to feed the next creation. But also through participation in meetings, colloquia and reflections on the living arts (Université Besançon, Rennes, ENS Lyon, La Manufacture Lausanne, MSH symposium, etc).

The creation and staging of shows in various forms, remain current for the company in the first place, for promotions of students inside schools («Le chantier des logogriphes» at the TMN), and for companies ( Bazabrazr) or independent artists in France and abroad.

The broadcast of the shows, of course and especially the very last, Aeterna, Encore une heure si courte, and Ombre Claire. Shows that are dear to us and that we hope to see for a long time to come.

The transmission has always had a privileged place in the company and remains one of its strong axes, with its professional trainings carried back in new places (Micadanses in Paris, l’Embrasure in Montreuil), its weekend trainings and the workshops of the Thursday movement, located at the Théâtre de la Terre in Paris, assured by the faithful pedagogical team formed around the company and Claire Heggen.

Transmission aussi par des formations professionnalisantes dans des Ecoles Nationales (ESNAM) et internationales (Odin Teatret), Conservatoires de théâtre et/ou de danse, ainsi que des Universités et des compagnies qui le demandent (La Nef, Odradek, Les créateurs de masques au Théâtre aux mains nues). Sans compter la transmission pour des associations diverses et des amateurs…

Transmission also by professional training in National Schools (ESNAM) and International Schools (Odin Teatret), Conservatories of Theatre and/or Dance, as well as Universities and companies that request it (La Nef, Odradek, Les créateurs de masques au Théâtre aux mains nues). Not counting transmission for various associations and amateurs…

The artistic accompaniment of young or less young professional artists, pre-professionals, and amateurs, will always be in the spotlight, by providing them with analytical tools, advice to address composition, writing and dramaturgy, procedures and technical support.

Crédit photos : David Schaffer & Sandrine Panda 

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