Gestural dramaturgy

*While it is relatively easy to acquire various movement techniques, and to deal with more or less contrasting gestures, gestural writing is less evident when compositional tools and dramaturgic planning are lacking.

This internship therefore proposes to open the Theatre of the Movement’s creative toolkit, in order to address and allow a greater understanding of what is being written, and to make an informed choice of composition.

Composition elements and directories:
– From the fundamentals of movement (body, space, time, dynamics) approach to compositional tools
– Analysis of specific gestural writing by learning figures or fragments of pieces from the repertoire of the Théâtre du Mouvement
– Application of the fundamentals at work in these scriptures by the composition of mini-scriptures.

Writing and gestural composition, dramaturgy elements:
– Approach to various composition modes: linearity, repetition, pasting, recurrences, inserts… resulting in short sequences
– “Dramatic” perspective of these writings taking into account the figurative (figurative and mimetic borrowings) and narrative dimensions (storytelling and spectator reception)
– Approach to the fundamental principles of dramaturgy and their transposition into the particular context of the theatricality of the movement (dramatic sequence, theme and variation, meaning and nonsense, modes of speech of the gestural actor, etc.)
– Writing (solo, duo, trio, choir) observations, evaluation and comments.

This internship can follow with the “solo on site” internship and feed reflection on his own current solo writing.

Le corps à l’ouvrage, de l’art gestuel, de l’art théâtral