Les choses étant ce qu’elles sont, tout va aussi bien que possible

Things being as they are, everything is as right as can be

Creation 2009

Construction and interpretation Claire Heggen

// Duo for a wingless pilot, a puppet and… some materials

Things being as they are… he witnesses the end of an all-collapsing, falling apart world. Which world ? The one
surrounding him but also his own inner world, his own life. He’s not young anymore, he has been through so much
already. Caught between his constant desire to rise up and the promise of an unavoidable decline, he notices the
dwindling of his vital space. He puts up with it the best he can, he gets used to restrictions, reductions, the senseless
restraints which will eventually bring up his vanishing. But, as always…everything is as right as can be.

Photo credit : David Schaffer

Dramatic art Valérie Deronzier
Gesture Yves Marc
Manipulation of puppet Philippe Rodriguez-Jorda
Music Michel Musseau
Lights Gérald Karlikow
Construction of puppet Etienne Bideau-Rey
Costume Jean-Jacques Delmotte