Musicality of movement

By Claire Heggen and/or Yves Marc

This conference mainly deals with the relationship between movement and time (speed, rhythm, duration), with its dynamics (resistance, force and what Decroux called ‘the comedy of the muscle’) and with the theatrical effect thus obtained.

Through demonstrations, improvisations, video clips from both Etienne Decroux’s and the Théâtre du Mouvement’s past work, Claire Heggen and Yves Marc cast an original light on how the ‘musicality of movement’ analogy came to existence.

  • How this notion contributes to the dramatic use of movement as the actor shifts, while performing, from a usual body to a fictitious one, thus growing away from realism in order to reach the poetic dimension of movement.
  • How this concept is based on physiology (breathing, toned balance)
  • How it becomes a definite issue as far as stage movement composition is concerned.

Length: 1h20
Language: French and English