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The Théâtre du Mouvement, founded in 1975, is jointly managed by Claire Heggen and Yves Marc. They studied Corporeal Mime with Etienne Decroux and have had training in various corporeal techniques and aesthetics (high-level sports, classical and contemporary dance, eutony and corporeal awareness through movement).
Their concept for an actor’s art and an art of contemporary mime is based on the theatricality of movement and gesture. It integrates their knowledge of corporeal mime and has developed on the frontier of dramatic dance, object theatre and textual theatre where the body is engaged. They put the body of the actor at the very heart of artistic creation. Ever since the beginning of their career they have been invited to teach scenic artists in France and abroad in some twenty countries. They have created over thirty shows performed in 60 countries, developing an aesthetic in perpetual renewal. They support young artists in their creations. Currently, their last play, Encore une heure si courte (Yet another fleeting hour), is touring all over Europe.

Claire Heggen and Yves Marc pass on their knowledge of corporal mime while updating their teaching to contemporary corporal techniques.
Their “Body on Stage” schedule 2011/2012 offers training courses, the result of the Company’s research and experiments. They were all designed in a spirit of lateral relations with other artistic disciplines, hence the collaboration with outside contributors. They are intended for actors at large – meaning anyone who works on stage: comedians, mime artists, dancers, puppeteers or circus performers.

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