Artistic accompaniment

For many years, Claire Heggen has been developing artistic, pedagogical and creative tools to accompany projects by performing artists with very different aesthetics. His multidisciplinary training, his experience on the theatricality of the movement, and his transversal skills, enabled him to advise and guide many students in national schools of theatre, puppet, clown, circus, in France or abroad.

She had the opportunity to transmit her teaching in conservatories, universities and companies, as well as in the Corps en scène of the Théâtre du mouvement.
She is regularly invited to accompany the projects of creation of professionals, as artistic advice (external look, scenic and choreographic shaping, technical demand, drama and dramaturgy) until ensuring a companion arrangement with Carine Gualdaroni

Artistic accompaniment has become a major activity in the transmission of its art and responds to the real needs and needs of young artists in creation today.

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Artistic accompaniments

Perrine Michel
Les Equilibristes, long-métrage en tournage

Esther Mollo  & Jean-Baptiste Droulers – Cie Théâtre Diagonale
théâtre / vidéo
# Blanche neige 2048, création en cours

Juliette Moreau – Cie Pop 
Valise, création en cours

Cie BrazBazar
théâtre / musique
Abraz’ouverts, création en cours

Yvonne Wiche Levinsen & Lina Jungergard
théâtre gestuel / danse / cirque
The Stuff We Are Made of, création en cours

Nicolas Julian – Cie Branca
théâtre / marionnette / danse
Branca, création en cours

Elisabetta Ingino

Past artistic accompaniments

Carole Fages
Idiote, création

Alix Soulié
théâtre gestuel / acrobatie
A table, création

Sara Martinet
Siège, création

Le corps à l’ouvrage, de l’art gestuel, de l’art théâtral