At the crossroads of the body and the object

Je pense donc ça se voit

*What does the object teach me? What does it make me do? What do I do with it? With it? Who manipulates who? For what? Who do you want?

This course proposes a practice and a training of the actor to an elementary grammar of the relation body/object and to the fundamentals of manipulation. It constitutes a » introduction» that favours the approach of living bodies and/or puppeteers in a concern, at the same time, of an organized relationship with the objects and materials used and of a body ecology.
– Demonstrates the reciprocal physicality of the object and the body from simple materials and objects.
– Create an art object relationship between the actor’s body (subject and art object) and the (art) object.
– Articulate the body-object relationship in time and space from simple principles of decomposition- recomposition.
‘Play with the notion of reciprocal service between object and body, object and subject, presence and absence, in the eyes of a spectator.
– Develop in the actor a sensitive listening of his senses and potential senses that emerge from the body-object relationship to promote metaphorical play, in the triangulation actor-object-spectator.

From different explorations and playful improvisations, will be proposed the composition of miniature writings involving these body-object relationships. They will invite the manipulative actor to engage in various modes of enunciation, from absence to presence, from the disappearance of the body to its greatest physical commitment, and to walk in poetic, dramatic and puppet dimensions.

Le corps à l’ouvrage, de l’art gestuel, de l’art théâtral