The body portrait of the actor

The character, the figure and the actor’s fictitious body on stage at large, whether he be a comedian, a dancer, a mime, a puppeteer or a circus artist, takes its very existence in his actual, usual body. His normal behaviour, including his motivity, obeys the promptings of various physical, imaginary, psychic or social parameters.

These both determine and affect the actor’s movements and acting, ultimately leading him to always use, consciously or not, the same “corporal paths” which become part of his identity (way to move, posture, dynamic range, types of behaviour). Thus the usual body constantly pre-expresses, prior to any acting intentions. This course invites actors to come face to face with their own personal tendencies and, with a growing awareness, to extend their acting spectrum, their movements, their characters.

Le corps à l’ouvrage, de l’art gestuel, de l’art théâtral