Practice of Otherness

*An exploration and practice of otherness from the relationship body/object/materials.

Several points of view will be addressed, for example:

“How the passage through the object and the confrontation with its radical otherness enriches the subject (actor or not), transforms him by visibly increasing it in space but also in the depth of his intimacy.

– How to adjust, in a sensitive and reasoned listening of/to the object, and navigate through the figures of a perpetually moving dialogue, of balance, of transactions, of mutual risk-taking, and of subtle emotions.

– How to enter into contact with the other through the object, the game with the object, without it being the stake, but the link and the place of a theatre between-two.

– How the object is driving a bet I/game. Material imagination, relationship articulation, states (attention, listening, alert, patience, economy, surprise, etc.) all things conducive to metaphorical play.

– Imagine together and improvise the relationship (actors/object) in a permanent triangulation with the viewer.

Le corps à l’ouvrage, de l’art gestuel, de l’art théâtral