The neutral mask on the surface of skin / Claire Heggen

Conference – show by Claire Heggen

This conference testifies to the diversified use of the mask in the company of the Theatre of the Movement, since the neutral mask to the puppet, between built–in mask and delegated mask, exact interface between body of mimes body and puppet.

In the search for scenic fictitious bodies, being dissociated from a real or realistic body, the mask was considered and explored in all its states: sticking masking the whole body, oversize masks, abstract veils, objects and materials objectifying the human body, neutral masks, more or less realistic puppets… The matter here, will be directed particularly towards a process of work original to the company and developed amongst other things for the part As long as the head on the neck is created in 1978.

This research based on the installation and/or the displacement of neutral masks in various places of the body and their animation locally, was regularly transmitted in France and abroad, and more particularly with the students of the National University of Arts of the Puppet.

This conference will be illustrated by images (videos, photographs), technical demonstrations, as well as extracts of shows. Y will be evoked the origins of this exploration: its roots in work of Etienne Decroux, his principles and the transgression of the limits between life and died, appearance–disappearance, normality–monstrosity, masculine–female, animal–human, sexuality… ; the meeting with figures chimerical, even mythological, with the turning of the sites of the masks; finally, analysis of a masked sequence revealing a grammar and operating rules of the mask in general and in particular.

I is an other. Arthur Rimbaud

Duration :  1h
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Photo credit : Gérard Le Cardinal