The human walk

By Claire Heggen and/or Yves Marc

“The whole secret about a harmonious walk is to be found in the decomposition of movement.” Honoré de Balzac

In this conference, Claire Heggen and Yves Marc use demonstrations and shows’ excerpts (Attention la Marche – Watch out your step – Si la Joconde avait des jambes – If the Mona Lisa had legs), explaining why man pays so very little attention to this fundamental activity, and how a person’s way of walking reveals that person far more than we think. Following an analysis of the general appearance of the human gait and its major organisation modes (fall, traction, propulsion) they demonstrate, step by step, the various tendencies in the way to walk, taking each point in turn in the three dimensions of space. They bring up such concepts as the musicality of the walk, its strategies within space, its connections with psychology, with clothing… They focus on how the walk may serve stage purposes: its pre-expressive dimension, including character composition and caricature.

Length: 1h30
Language: French and English