The human animality

Directed by Claire Heggen
// 3 & 4 october 2020 – 11 heures

Animals are our teachers

*This proposal sheds particular light on the qualities of organicity (organization of body and movement, response to earthly gravity), in a correctness, an elegant economy, adaptability and availability, that give us to see animals in the natural.

Far from realism and human psychology, far from the manifestations of thought and its expression through language, animality invites us to return to a primacy of actions and reactions, in order to revisit the fundamentals on which the human being is built and to rediscover the essential and/or the superfluous.

This approach will be the opportunity to meet:

  • Various types of movement: from undulating to moving immobility.
  • Work on the elements (water, earth, fire, air) and the relationship to these elements
  • Uncommon dynamic modes (immobility, continuous slowness, flashes, etc.)
  • Specific behaviours (power relations, love parades, territorial defence, flight, kidnapping, etc.).
  • The exacerbation of the senses: smell, hearing, eyes, touch.
  • Special modes of social organization, hierarchy and communication.

The set of these themes invites, to enrich its proprioceptive information and at the same time opens the door to a renewed imagination.

And even though in many ways the animals are our masters, the practice makes it possible to discover that it is less about imitating the animal than about revealing, understanding and playing what is animality (often lost) in the human and work out the form of representation that can be given to this animality.

Saturday 14h – 19h / Sunday 10h – 17h

Théâtre de la Terre
1 Passage du Buisson Saint-Louis – 75010 Paris
Métro Belleville ou Goncourt (ligne 11)

Prices / Packages
1 stage : 100€
3 stages : 270€ (90€ le stage)
5 stages : 400€ (80€ le stage)
7 stages : 500€ (71€ le stage)
Conventionnement individuel AFDAS et Pôle emploi.
Possibilité de payer en plusieurs fois.

Registration details
Registrations are made by mail or by mail with the registration form. Payment by cheque to the Théâtre du Mouvement – Claire Heggen and by bank transfer possible.
Any cancellation of registration must be reported as soon as possible and confirmed in writing. In case of cancellation of an internship, the refund will be proportional to the chosen package. The Movement Theatre reserves the right to cancel or postpone the internship 6 days before the start of the internship, if the number of participants is insufficient for the proper conduct of the training. If necessary, registered trainees will be able to choose, maintain their registration, transfer it to another assignment or request a total refund.

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