Corps vivant-corps marionnettique

Living Body/Puppet Body: Music of Things

Directed by Claire Heggen and Elsa Marquet Lienhart
from 17 to 28 February 2020 – 60h

*At the crossroads of two practices, that of Claire Heggen and that of Elsa Marquet-Lienhart, this course proposes to consider the relationship of living bodies and puppeteers from the point of view of musicality and its theatricality.

Different approaches will be addressed during the session, simultaneously or successively, as to the living body of the actor, the puppeteer body, and their relationship.

The notion of musicality of movement covers mainly its organization in time but also the play of dynamics, breathing, tension – relaxation that takes place in the bodies, whether they are living or puppeteers. The bodies and their movements are visual and musical theatre, clouding the colors to infinity, preparing the flashes of theatre.

There is sound music, audible, produced by:

Musical instruments, musical things, everyday objects, moving bodies…

And there is visual music, visible, produced by handling the same instruments, objects, things, materials, bodies, etc… in space.

Often the music we hear and the music we see, match.

And sometimes, no.

Here begins the dialogue of the two kinds of music. The sound produced does not redouble the image, it can even be contradictory, or even completely dissociated. The two musics taking place in parallel, leave space to imagine.

But, there, can begin also, another game of dissociation of the two, by the metaphorization of the manipulated objects.

This internship, between musicality of the body and moving objects, manipulation and metaphorization, aims to explore these different notions and the multiple relationships that follow.

Will be explored, maintained:
– A grammar of the relationship using simple objects and materials dealing with the notion of reciprocal service.
– The elaboration of a routine maintaining the basic principles, where the body is engaged in a specific corporality and takes risks following the object/subject in space (in terms of proxemia, hierarchy, depth, orientation, journeys, etc.).

A view of the «music of things» from gravity, inertia, fall, ballistics of objects, materials, and bodies to the benefit of animation/manipulation. Dynamics, speeds, trajectory constitute a material musicality from simple objects such as small bamboos, balls, polyanes, silk paper, sheets, boards, mask, puppet…

The mimesis of materials:
– The actor will be invited to identify with visual and sound music producing materials, and to identify the dramatic effects and their theatricality, with a view to a non-psychological game.
– The temporality and theatricality it induces:
– Musicality of the moving body (usual, fictional).
– Material musicality of the object.
– Musicality of the relation body/object with the notions of tempo, duration, dynamics, speeds, qualities, nuances, intensity, reciprocity of the bodies. Rhythmic games applied to objects and materials creating diversions and deviations.

The relationships of the two types of bodies in time and distribution of actions in a relationship of association, dissociation, causality/consequence (Choir, canon, strette).

The relation to music, played live:
– Accompaniment, dialogue, counterpoints, contradiction, provocation, during explorations and improvisations, etc.
– The metaphorical game with the bodies, and the materials from which rhythms and/or imaginary universes are born.
– Improvisations and compositions of mini-sequences.

This internship interests puppeteers as well as actors, mimes, dancers, circassians.

17/02 de 10:00 à 17:00 / Studio May B – Micadanses
18/02 de 10:00 à 17:00 / Studio May B – Micadanses
19/02 de 10:00 à 17:00 / Studio May B – Micadanses
20/02 de 10:00 à 17:00 / Studio May B – Micadanses
21/02 de 10:00 à 17:00 / Studio May B – Micadanses
24/02 de 10:00 à 17:00 / Studio de l’Embrasure – Théâtre Yunqué
25/02 de 13:15 à 19:00 / Studio de l’Embrasure – Théâtre Yunqué

26/02 de 10:00 à 17:00 / Studio Noces – Micadanses
27/02 de 10:00 à 17:00 / Studio Noces – Micadanses
28/02 de 10:00 à 17:00 / Studio Noces – Micadanses

20 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier • 75004 Paris
Métro Saint Paul (ligne 3)
L’Embrasure – Théâtre Yunqué
35 av Faidherbe
93100 – Montreuil
Métro Mairie de Montreuil (L9)

Tarif individuel : 840 euros
Tarif pris en charge : 1160 euros
Arrhes : 180 €
Conventionnement individuel AFDAS et Pôle emploi.
Possibilité de paiement en plusieurs fois.

Registration details

The payment of the deposit validates your registration, they are not cashed before the start of the internship. Registrations are made by post or email with the registration form accompanied by a CV with photo and a cover letter. Payment by cheque to the Movement’s Theâtre – Claire Heggen and by bank transfer possible.
Any cancellation of registration must be notified as soon as possible and confirmed in writing. Cancellations occurring less than 15 days before the start of the internship result in the payment of the deposit. The Théâtre du Mouvement – Claire Heggen reserves the right to cancel or postpone the internship 6 days before the start of the internship, if the number of participants is insufficient for the proper conduct of the training. If necessary, registered trainees will be able to choose, maintain their registration, transfer it to another assignment or request a total refund.

Practical information & registration
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9 rue des Caillots – 93100 Montreuil