Body material

Directed by Carine Gualdaroni
// 7 & 8 March 2020 – 11 heures

*Our body is a living matter, in transformation at every moment.

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Playing with the repertory

Directed by Claire Heggen
from 18 to 22 May 2020 – 30h

*This internship is intended to transmit and testify to the living repertoire of the Theatre of Movement from 1975 to today, its evolution over time, and the archives of a body in permanent research in the Arts of Mime and gesture.

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Aeterna (en)

Creation 2017

A writing with two votes of a female account on the transmission

Direction – Dramaturgy – Writing – Interpretation
Claire Heggen & Elsa Marquet Lienhart

 Upcoming performances

// October 22th, 2020 – Munich
// Novembre 13th, 2020 at Festival of Dresde in Germany
// December 12th, 2020 at Théâtre Le Colombier at Cordes-sur-Ciel

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