Undertaking solo performance

Directed by Claire Heggen
// From 30th novembre to 10th December 2020 and from 20th to 24th (or 25th) January 2021 – 90 hours

There is a big step between the desire to do solo work and its composition. How is a solo performance composed ? There are no directions.
The gestural actor, being art object and subject, instrument and instrumentalist, is himself the modeling material to be transformed into a work.
As such, he is his own author. The actor – subject and author – wishes “to say” something. In so doing, he is confronted with what emerges and is “said” of him within the project itself. It is difficult to identify what escapes him and to structure the art object that is eventually to be shown.

How to be both actor and witness to what one presents while integrating the supposed view of the audience? How and with what tools is a score composed so as to play one’s part with the necessary distance?

For actors having an interest in corporeal work (mimes, gestural actors, dancers, circus performers, puppeteers), this training course proposes the undertaking (or reworking) of a 10-minute solo performance involving the body, in the form of a several-stage process:
– The presentation of a work, giving rise to feedback and individualized or collective comments and to recommendations offering possible orientations for the work to follow.
– The contribution of technical and dramaturgical tools for analysis, facilitating the awareness of what is at play and its composition for the staging.
– A period for getting back to working individually, taking into account the preceding stages.
-A second presentation of the work, as it is, with feedback, self evaluation and recommendations as regards directions to clarify or explore.

A final workshop takes place in January, at a distance in time, and allows for viewing the work, seeing its evolution and the questions and responses that came up.

Time : 10:00 am – 17:00 pm (hours are subject to change).

Individual rate : 1260
Rate dealt with : 1740
Down payment  : 400

Individual conventionality AFDAS
Possibility of payment in several tim.

Photo credit : David Schaffer