Playing with the repertory

Directed by Claire Heggen
from 18 to 22 May 2020 – 30h

*This internship is intended to transmit and testify to the living repertoire of the Theatre of Movement from 1975 to today, its evolution over time, and the archives of a body in permanent research in the Arts of Mime and gesture.

This internship will invite participants to go through three different stages:

– The learning of gestural scores by Claire Heggen from emblematic plays from the Theatre of the Movement chosen according to their theme and among Les Mutants, Ombre Claire, Im/mobile, Equilibre instable, Encore une heure si courte, Tant que la tête est sur le cou, etc.
This learning will take place by placing the plays in the history of the movement’s theatre and the historical context of their creation. Analysis of the piece: history of its creation, its specific dramaturgy, its aesthetics. Score played live by Claire Heggen, View of the video of the show, as well as some of the traces of the notes taken at the time.

– The interpretation of these scores. Chosen according to their theme, it will be made from different points of view: musicality of the movement (rhythm, intensity, causalities, unpredictability,) body states, metaphorical forms and images of the body, relation to the object, play with gravity, lexicon used, reference to Etienne Decroux’s body mime, etc…

– Play with the repertory, appropriate Partitions directory (memorize, incorporate technically) to create a second form in continuity or dissent. Divert them, move them, multiply them, by quotations, traces, ways of doing. From scores, improvisations, composition and interpretation, individual, duo or collective.

10h – 17h (schedules are subject to change).

Sudio Noces
20 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier • 75004 Paris
Métro Saint Paul (ligne 3)

Tarif individuel : 420 €
Tarif pris en charge : 580 €
Arrhes : 130 €
Conventionnement individuel AFDAS et Pôle emploi.
Possibilité de paiement en plusieurs fois.

Registration details

The payment of the deposit validates your registration, they are not cashed before the start of the internship. Registrations are made by post or email with the registration form accompanied by a CV with photo and a cover letter. Payment by cheque to the Movement’s Theâtre – Claire Heggen and by bank transfer possible.
Any cancellation of registration must be notified as soon as possible and confirmed in writing. Cancellations occurring less than 15 days before the start of the internship result in the payment of the deposit. The Théâtre du Mouvement – Claire Heggen reserves the right to cancel or postpone the internship 6 days before the start of the internship, if the number of participants is insufficient for the proper conduct of the training. If necessary, registered trainees will be able to choose, maintain their registration, transfer it to another assignment or request a total refund.

Practical information & registration
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9 rue des Caillots – 93100 Montreuil

Photo extraite du sepctacle Immobile – Copyright : Anne Nordman